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ASG: Inseam Pocket w/Lining

ASG National Annual Conference hands-on workshop.

  • ASG National Annual Conference

Service Description

A Way We Sew focuses fun, functional methods to improve your sewing. In this presentation, we'll demonstrate A Way We Sew a "seamless" side seam pocket, in a lined skirt or pant, with a sturdy, bulk-free French seamed pocket bag. Benefits to our method include: - No slashing. That means your pocket will be sturdy enough to hold your phone, your keys, or your hand. - Durable, double stitched French seam pocket bag. No more pocket blow-out! - Make the pocket bag ahead of time. - Side seams are open. That means you can fit sides seams first, then insert pocket when you're ready, on your terms! What you'll learn. - Sew first, cut later for faster, simpler sewing. - Sew curves using the wheel/hub approach. - Cut corners for smoother, rounder, sturdier curves. - Use one seam to accurately sew the next - no more guessing and no more surprises! All our online presentations include: - Links to the taped live session, watch on your own time up to one month after the session aired. - Discount code for our illustrated, step-by-step Inseam Pocket kit - mailed to you! Our kits include pre-printed fabric samples with all the steps printed directly on the fabric. Kit includes step-by-step professionally illustrated (in color!) instructions. - Link to download a pdf of the instructions to refer to as you watch the live presentation. And more!

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