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Products We Love

These products will help the sewist at any level streamline their process. From rotary blades to the foot of your machine, these are our recommendations to keep you sewing smoothly. 


Freezer Paper

The best pattern paper. Iron on a wool setting and it sticks to fabric. Reusable, durable, and transparent enough for tracing.

Tracing Wheel

Spokes aren't too sharp and it works well to trace a temporary line on fabric or paper.

Wavy Rotary Blade

Use in place of pinking shears, quickly trim outside edges of circles.

Thread Snips

Sharp and lightweight.

Frixion Markers

Marks on fabric or paper, removes with friction or heat. Markers work well for tracing


Trace your patterns directly onto fabric!

Washable Glue

Lots of uses. 


1/4" Sewing Foot

Edgestitch exactly 1/4" from the edge of a cuff or collar or front placket.

Edge Stitch Foot

Use the join foot to adjust as a 1/16" edgestitch foot.

Flat Fell Foot - 6mm

Use for flat felling side seams. 

Rolled Hem Foot

Use for finishing hem.

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