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Video Resources

A Way We Sew's instructional videos are a great resource to go alongside your sewing kits or supplement your prior knowledge with new techniques. 

Ever wanted to make a classic button-down collar shirt with all the fixings? We have a video for each part of the shirt (and more coming every month). Even, knife-sharp collar tips, a collar band that is even with the front placket, with neat topstitching, inside and out.  

Not your grandmother's invisible zipper - we show you how to insert an invisible zipper with a facing, or a lining. You'll finally understand how to get all those layers looking tidy at the top, no hand stitching needed.

Make a sturdy, bulk-free seamless pocket with no slashing- and why not have that pocket bag be a French seam, and let's also pop it in a side seam, with a lining! Yes, you can do all this, and have a bulk-free side seam with an invisible pocket.

Go ahead and make that shift dress, lined, with a lapped zipper up the back. You can make it in six seams! Seem impossible? Watch and we'll show you how!

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