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It's sew time.

Expect success while learning a new technique.  With each online sewing course you’ll get...

A Way We Sew teaches sewing differently. 

We sew “rogue”, using unusual and unconventional ways to sew faster, with fabulous results, all while having fun!

We ditch the pattern, sew first/cut later, alter seam allowances, forgo cutting pattern pieces, use templates (but not the way you might think!), change the order of sewing, and eschew pins.

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Leah Boyan has years of experience and teaches on Skillshare, Teachable, and at in-person events!


View her teaching downloads, kits and more to supplement your learning. 


Stay sewcial!

A Way We Sew is here to support your sewing journey with Skillshare , Teachable, Downloads and Kits, and in-person sewing events

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